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India, as in the category of rapidly developing countries, could be absolutely considered as the shopping hub, the prominent feature of shopping in India is the availability of vibrant and energetic mix of varieties, be it clothing, jewelry, and accessories, in every cadre you could find plenty of choices in turn fitting perfectly into different budgets of people.

Well, Delhi and Mumbai would be the first and best chosen shopping destinations in India, especially for the abundant shopping districts, malls, and centers that come along with the traditional walk of people over there and provides an excellent chance to get to know the locals and their cultures. Delhi with its choices of shopping markets, wholesale markets, and shopping malls would undoubtedly flattens anyone on earth, particularly its Chandni Chowk and Connaught Place are quite popular across the country. The Connaught Place is well recognized in the maps of Delhi, as it appears as a big circle in the middle with radial roads spinning around it. The place is inundated with abundant hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and also known for its underground market, namely Palika Bazaar, which is also the country’s first underground market.

Further, the Chandni Chowk is yet another popular oldest shopping site in central North Delhi, which is been regularly filmed in the Indian cinemas, especially for its grand markets and shopping areas and it is also renowned throughout the country for its historical significance, as it lies in the middle of the Red Fort and Fatehpuri Masjid. The spice market in Old Delhi is another important shopping treasure of Delhi and it is been often portrayed in many traveling channels and magazines. When you are around these shopping areas, don’t forget to try the local food, namely the ‘Chaat’ for the pleasure of attaining the entire experience of your journey. Apart from this, the Kinari Bazaar, which is meant for getting wedding related stuffs, Dariba Kalan, which pertains to all the needs and desires of jewelry, Katra Neel, the clothing market, and Nai Sarat, the biggest book and stationary market in Delhi, deserve a separate shopping schedule.

Mumbai being the biggest commercial and business hub of the country, thrives with overwhelming shopping areas and malls that are in fact upgraded with the latest Bollywood fashion and trends. In that way, the Colaba Causeway, located in South Mumbai tops the list of shopping destinations in Mumbai, as it flourishes with a specialty attribute of providing anything under the sky, next the Chor Bazaar bears a significant mentioning, as it bestows with opportunities to get antique items, bronze materials, vintage collections, etc… that could be rightly dated back to 150 years ago in the past, and is now becoming more appropriate to its name ‘Chor,’ meaning ‘thief’ as it is bagging the stolen goods in the city too.

Likewise, the Linking Road where one could get traditional materials, varying from cloths, bags, belts to shoes, etc… , and the Crawford Market is the market place in a historical building, offering wholesale fruits and vegetables, followed with another significant shopping spot, the Fashion Street which prospers with plenty of modern clothing and apparels. The shopping places in Delhi and Mumbai would cover the most important shopping places in the country, well this is not the only option, as enormous choices are available in many other metro cities in the country like Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mangalore, and Chennai, etc…

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